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The Containers Depot Roll-Off Specialist Flatbeds Front are specially designed for transporting heavy equipment and other bulky items. These Flatbeds Front containers are designed to be placed on the ground for loading, making the installation of equipment much easier. The beaver-tail style design allows equipment to be driven directly onto the platform, making loading much safer than on high-surfaced trailers. Multiple deck styles are available to match the payload, and a variety of tie-down options make securing your load safe, easy and effective. Flatbeds Front are manufactured in standard sizes for most applications, plus custom designs are always available for special purposes.

  • Standard: 3/16 Flooring, 10 gauge all around with 3/16 on all tubing.
  • Heavy Duty: 1/4 Flooring, 3/16 gauge all around 1/4 on all tubing.
  • Hauling Systems Available.
  • Cable, hooklift System or combo (hook & cable system).
Standard Sizes:

10CYD, 15CYD, 20CYD, 30CYD, 40CYD and 50CYD. Custom builds are available.

Access ladders are added to:

30CYD, 40CYD and 50CYD, can be added upon request to the smaller containers.

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    • Dirt Moving Companies. Haul heavy equipment to job sites or contractor locations with ease. The beaver-tail design makes loading and unloading a breeze, and speeds up overall efficiency.
    • Agricultural Machinery. Tractors, combines, grain storage and other farm devices are easy to load, secure and transport on a Flatbed roll-off container.
    • Industrial Equipment. Transport everything from commercial air conditioner units to company vehicles with these easy to use Flatbed roll-offs. Optional side panels can help protect your investment during transportation, and custom tie-down options provide security for your special load.
    • Construction Assemblies. Prefabricated assemblies can be easily transported on these Flatbed containers.

Choose a standard size or have one custom-built for your design needs. Make moving your products quick, easy and affordable.

  • Manufacturing Machinery. Large factory machines such as lathes, presses, robotics assemblers, welders and more can be easily loaded and transported as needed.